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Top 5 FAQ For Your Exterior Design

Unlike interior design, exterior design resembles architecture; defining and creating a space with the attributes of the available spaces. The exterior designers at Mimar do not just build the wall and cement it, rather they create spaces by using the wall itself. These spaces are permeated with a feeling of belonging and possessiveness.

1) What Is Exterior Design?

Exterior Design refers to the process of designing a building's exterior. It consists of the façade skin, roof and foundation.

It is important to know structural engineering even though exterior design can be as creative and artistic as interior design.

It is usually an architect who performs the exterior design, assisted by civil and structural engineers.

The exterior angle, on the other hand, is formed by extending a line from one side of a simple polygon to the other side. In the vertex, the external angle sums up to 180 degrees.

Among the materials commonly used to build exterior walls are bricks and blocks, cladding, exterior panels, exterior wall coatings and materials, facades, precast concrete, rendering, retaining walls, etc. Material for exteriors is cheaper than material for interiors.

2) Exterior Design Versus Interior Design: What's The Difference?

Here, we will assist you in deciding whether you need to contact an Exterior Design Services provider or an Interior Design Services provider.

• Exterior vs Interior Design:

Designing the exterior and interior of a building does not just involve the architectural form, but also the furniture, flooring, paint, and decorations for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

You include the garden, deck, patio, or a variety of elements that affect the exterior of a building as part of the exterior design. For example, the appropriate fabrics for outdoor furniture should be considered when designing the exterior.

In contrast, the interior design of your home includes everything inside, including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. When it comes to interior design, fabrics for exterior furniture are one of the things to keep in mind.

3) How Do We Describe The External Design of a House?

You want your home to attract the attention of people on the street. Custom homes have the advantage that their exterior design can be equally awe-inspiring as their interior design.

Count on MIMAR to pair you with a team of professionals who can help you create the home of your dreams. You can choose everything from colors to materials to outdoor amenities with our help.

Here are a few ideas for making your new house look more appealing.

  • Observe basic principles of exterior design:

Stick to the basic principles of design throughout the whole process so that the final product looks great. Here at MIMAR we believe it's important to ensure your exterior is in proportion and serves the purpose.

• Composition

Composition means finding unity in the design of your home’s exterior. In a design, you don't just combine the materials and elements you wish to use on the exterior of your home. All of our placement decisions are based on building best practices, and we use those guidelines to guide our decisions. Our team makes sure all windows, doors, fixtures, and other elements are proportioned and balanced.

• Having a purpose is crucial

Any building's design should start with the purpose in mind. Exactly why do you want to build a new house or how to make a 3d view of a house? Are you hoping to expand your family? Are you using it to run your home business? Follow your purpose when making decisions.

As an artist, for example, you'll need large windows to allow natural light into your studio. As you construct your new home, you should consider the purpose of your house in every decision you make.

• Select your materials and textures

Exterior materials for homes come in a variety of options. How do you make your choice? The first thing to do is to find a balance between aesthetics and durability.

With MIMAR, you can choose materials that not only look great, but also last a lifetime. Additionally, make sure the materials you choose reflect your personal style. Tumbled stone or exposed wood, for example, are popular styles if you prefer a rustic look. If you want a modern minimalist style, sleek steel and simple panels would be the right choice.

• Always choose the best value

When you build a new house, the exterior is the first thing people see, so you want it to be beautiful. Your dream home's first impression is made by its façade. Thus, it must be done correctly. You need to choose the best materials for every element in your exterior design. Consider choosing materials, fixtures, and products that are best for your home based on your builder's recommendations.

• Choosing colors and fixtures for the exterior

You can dramatically improve the appearance of your home by choosing the right colors. Your choice of brick color, your choice of patio paint color, everything matters. Each color must complement the others and tie them together.

Colors can also draw the eye to focal points.

It's also important to choose the right fixtures as well as the right colors. Fixtures such as light fixtures and hardware fixtures, such as doorknobs, are part of this category.

You must pick fixtures whose color and style are consistent with the overall design vision you have. For a country-style home, stay away from modern fixtures!

4) Which is the best software for exterior design?

These days, exterior house design software is becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners and professionals alike can visualize the end result of their construction projects using this type of software.

In simple terms, these tools let users create their own exterior home design and have an idea of what their final product will look like.

Some of these tools let you upload photos of specific homes, while others include example homes.

Users of these software’s can map out specific home renovation projects. They are often capable of creating realistic renderings of a project.

The visualizer can be used to create an action plan in minutes for renovating a home’s exterior. From homeowners to architects and builders, these tools are beneficial to everyone.

Here are some of the best exterior house design apps and software.



ProVia Visualizer

Cedar Architect


Menards Design-It-Center

KWP Home Designer 2.0

RBS Exterior Home Visualizer

Alside Visualizer

Dream Designer

Allure Home Design

Ply Gem

Hallmark Homes

Hoffman Weber

GAF Virtual Remodeler

5) What does an exterior designer do?

If you're considering a career in exterior design, the hardest question is "should I become an exterior designer?".

This information might prove helpful to you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, exterior designer jobs are expected to grow at a rate "as fast as average" between 2018 and 2028.

Here are some real-world examples of tasks that exterior designer candidates typically perform.

• Integrate and manage data in Chrysler Teamcenter. • Provide engineers with a detailed understanding of requirements and constraints for designing hardware and produce conceptual and detailed layouts. • Designed facility prototype and developed business strategy from company inception.

Final Words

Providing a unique space is one of our main goals as an exterior, interior design, and decoration company in Pakistan. So, we make sure that your ideas, styles, and preferences guide our process so that the home you'll get will be everything you've ever wanted.
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